Daytime and Business Bags

Designer bags come in different styles. Many are only suited to certain occasions. One way to categorize them is by separating designer bags into daytime, evening and multipurpose. Daytime bags are usually either business or shopping bags. Both types should be practical, sturdy and stylish. This is what all of them have in common. Where they differ is the shape, closure systems, colors ,detailing, design, and materials.

Messenger bags are instantly recognized as daytime bags. Their history is long, as they started as utility bags carried by postal workers, couriers and other types of messengers. However, in the last couple of decades, messenger bags became more than mere utility items as they have been noticed by designers. A number of the major, luxury, designer fashion houses now make these bags. Many are made in Europe and shipped worldwide.

The basic shape of a messenger bag is a rectangle with a long strap that goes over the shoulder or across the body. The closure is usually flapped, sometimes with buckles. One of the advantages of the messenger bag is that it is very roomy and the perfect shape for carrying papers, documents and laptops. The interiors are most commonly divided into sections to make organizing easier. Nowadays, most come with special pockets for smart phones as well. Because they can be carried across the body, messenger bags are comfortable and secure. Messenger bags are the perfect solution for someone looking for a young-looking urban business bag.

Another excellent daytime bag is the hobo bag. These spacious bags are perfect for shopping as well as for most casual outings. Hobo bags are usually crescent-shaped with a long strap to be carried over the shoulder. They are usually made of soft materials, which is not very convenient for documents or electronic equipment. However, if you want a superbly stylish bag that has enough room for all of your immediate travel needs and your shopping, the hobo bag is the one to go for. Most fashion design houses provide hobo bags.

While designer briefcases used to be the domain of men’s fashion, they are now designed for women as well. These briefcases are usually fairly simple in design but made to make the business woman’s life easier and better organized while still being stylish. These women’s bags most often feature zip closures, multiple pockets and sections and are made of good quality leather. They will accommodate all the files, laptops, tablets, pens and paper as well as a vanity case and wallet. A designer briefcase is definitely an excellent choice.

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