The Hawker 900XP

The Hawker 900XP may sound like a printer or a new operating system to those not in the know, but it is in fact one of the most popular mid-size business jets flying the skies today. It has been nicknamed the ‘conference room in the sky’ by many and its trademark is that it has all the quality features of its predecessors like fuel efficiency, comfort, performance and aerodynamics, but it is repackaged into something amazing. It takes all of these great traits and goes one better with redesigned touches that give it that extra ‘kick’ both in flight and on the runway.

Take for example its enhanced winglets, giving this version of the plane greater performance in hot weather or at high altitudes. It’s cruise performance and range are also greater than its predecessors, but where the new design really comes into play is at high altitudes where the 900XP needs 1,800 feet less runway for takeoffs and landings. Imagine the airport possibilities now when your jet needs less room to manoeuver, letting you get closer to your ultimate destination than ever before.

For another example what about its engines? They too have been kicked up a notch and now are specially designed for this aircraft, two Honeywell TFE 731-50R engines each bearing 4,660lbs of thrust. This not only increases the climb performance but also the immediate maximum altitude as well.

As for the cockpit, as you might expect it is state of the art with four separate 8×10″ screens for navigation, weather, reduced vertical separation minimum, terrain awareness warning and enhanced ground proximity warning systems. This information delivery system both decreases the workload of the pilot while increasing the safety factor and awareness of all aspects of flight.

The cabin is not to be outdone on this jet. It boasts 604 cubic feet, 50 of which is dedicated baggage space that can be accessed throughout the flight at will while remaining warm and pressurized. At 23.1′ long and 5’7″high and 6′ wide, the cabin has stand up headroom, and fully berthable seating for eight. There is LCD lighting throughout and touch screen seat controls for the fully adjustable swivel seats. The private lavatory and galley with cold storage facilities and microwave capabilities ensure all passengers are well taken care of whether the trip is intended for work or relaxation.

LCD monitors allow movies or presentations to be viewed and there are also lap top plug ins and satellite phone service for keeping in touch with the office en route.

If you and your team are looking to charter a jet, look no further than the Hawker 900XP. Comfort, reliability, performance and style all in one.

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