Use Different Materials for Bags that Play an Important role in Maintaining Healthy Environment

Plastic bags are harmful for environment that is why most retailers are selling or providing free of cost bags that are environmentally friendly. These bags do not produce harmful chemicals in air once they are burned. Since they are durable and stronger than plastic bags, they are used several times. This helps in saving money and prevents excessive production of bags. When production of plastic bag is controlled it helps in saving trees.

So now you understand, how it is related to a healthy environment. Moreover, plastic bags suffocate a person and if animals swallow it they get choked and finally die. It is therefore, imperative that we start thinking about nature and switch to reusable grocery bags. The most commonly used bag is non-woven bag that is used not only by retailers, but also people who go to office.

Plastics have revolutionized everyday life. The annual plastic production will likely exceed 300 million tonnes in 2010. This concluding paper for the Theme Issue on Plastics, the Environment and Human Health summarizes current knowledge about the benefits and concerns associated with plastics and looks to the future to identify priorities, challenges and potential opportunities. Plastics have many benefits for society and are expected to bring technological and medical advancements in the future. There are many concerns regarding plastics usage and disposal. These include the accumulation of waste in landfills as well as in natural habitats, problems for wildlife due to ingestion of or entanglement with plastics, leaching chemicals from plastic products, and the possibility that plastics could transfer chemicals to humans and wildlife.

Retailers buy Customized Reusable Bag With Factory Direct Pricing that have their store’s name and logo imprinted on it. This is a promotional tactic that is used to spread their name and USP all over the city.

There are different types of reusable bags that are eco friendly –

  • Cotton
  • Hemp
  • Jute
  • Polypropylene
  • Nylon
  • Polyester


Cotton bags are not only used for grocery but they are customized further to use for different purposes. Organic cotton used in making of bags isn’t grown with pesticides. Scrap cotton that ends up in landfill is retained by companies to recycle and process bags. It is stronger and durable than any other bags and feels soft on hand when carrying heavy items in it. Since you use it frequently, you can wash it every time after using it.


It is the longest and strongest fiber than cotton and is dearth tolerant. The best part of this material is that it can be grown even on poor soil with less water consumption. Like cotton bags, it is durable, strong and feels smooth.


It is a natural fiber that is grown to prepare furniture. Jute can be used to prepare fashionable bags used by females going for vacation as they are huge in size and can carry many heavy items together. It grows in the area that experiences heavy rainfall and doesn’t need any pesticide. It can also be blended with any other fabric to create the strongest utility.


Non-woven PPP bags are generally used as grocery bags. It is also strong and reused after washing. Since it feels soft and smooth on skin therefore, people prefer carrying it to office as well after customizing it. You can spot many colors in the market and choose your favorite.


It is synthetic polymer similar to silk and is water resistant. Since it is soft and lightweight therefore, it can be folded and kept in pocket or backpack. Like silk, this too can be easily dyed in different colors. However, fruits and vegetables kept in it can get rotten as it blocks air.


It is made from PET, which is polyethylene terephthalate a material that is found in drinking water bottles. It can be prepared by reheating polymer fiber. It is silky enough to be folded and kept in any pouch. Also, the material is water and fungus resistant.

People are switching to reusable bags as they are concerned about eco friendly environment. If we don’t stop using plastic bags that are unhealthy for environment, then very soon we will fall prey to lungs and skin diseases.

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