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Mumbai, besides boasting some UNESCO world heritage sites also houses some excellent eateries that not only offer regional dishes but also international cuisines. The expert chefs prepare the dishes with great care and dexterity to make their customers happy after a savouring meal.

I love to try new dishes and therefore, whenever I visit a new city, I make sure to try different cuisines of that particular region. So last month, when I came to Mumbai to visit a friend, I decided to try the Japanese delicacies from the newly opened Japanese restaurants in Mumbai and I must say I was quite impressed by the food taste. I did not expect such a similar resemblance to Japanese food in the restaurants of Mumbai, but I was proven wrong. So, if you too want to try the Japanese food in Mumbai, then we definitely have some places for the recommendation. But before we begin enlisting them down, make your hotel booking from Intermiles in advance to go for a food quest without any accommodation worries.


This is one of my top choices when it comes to selecting the best Japanese restaurant in Mumbai. Kofuku’s minimal decor and customer-friendly ambience draw tourists and visitors from all parts of the country. Besides, the restaurant offers a delectable menu starting with Kimchi soup and delicious Kakuni Pork. Whenever I visit here with my friends or family, I always order the savouring Prawns Tempura and fiery Spinach salad that are heavenly to the tastebuds. The chefs over here are an expert in their art of cooking and almost all the dishes are made with impeccability with a touch of authentic ingredients. Apart from Japanese delicacies, the restaurant also serves other cuisines that are equally brilliant in taste. We can assure you that you will love their eclectic menu on your arrival there.

The Omakase Kitchen

A well renowned Japanese restaurant in Mumbai, the Omakase kitchen offers mouth-watering Japanese delicacies to its guests. This place is a hot spot for food connoisseurs from different parts of the country. If you want to try something different other than sushis, head to this restaurant and try mouth-watering Japanese delicacies from their menu. You can have the Ramen and the Match Mochi that are unique in taste. I being a gourmet, loved their Japanese cheesecake that is extremely delicious and soft and melts instantly as you put it in your mouth. If you are planning to enjoy your dinner with your friends and family at the weekends at the Omakase, it is advisable to get an advance booking done owing to the huge crowd of this place.

The Blue

The Blue, situated at the heart of Mumbai city is one of the favourites among locals as well as tourists since its inception. If you have limited funds, then head to this restaurant and satiate your cravings for Japanese food at affordable price rates. The restaurant offers an array of options when it comes to the exquisite dishes that are served to its guests. Besides, the pleasant ambience of The Blue attracts all kinds of customers, whether it is a large group of friends or couples or family get together. When you are here, do try out their delicious sashimi and Five Spice Duck Stew to have the best feast experience. I am a fan of their Japanese noodle bowls and spicy Tuna Takaki salad garnished with authentic Japanese herbs.

Wasabi by Morimoto

Wasabi by Morimoto is one of the elegant and plush restaurants in Mumbai where you can enjoy some exquisite Japanese dishes. The restaurant comprises large dining halls with well-equipped lights that illumine the whole place. You will experience a touch of royalty in the interior decor of this restaurant. With a captivating ambience, the restaurant offers some best-selling Japanese delicacies that you cannot have enough of! Whether it is rock shrimp tempura or Miso soup or Salmon sashimi salad, all are unique in taste. Also, you can order some classic mocktails such as Chocolate fruit punch or Tangy sunrise that go perfectly with your meal. Although the meals here are a bit pricey, Wasabi is one of the coveted restaurants for people visiting Mumbai owing to its high-quality food and ambience.

The Fatty Bao

Located at the heart of Mumbai, The Fatty Bao is one of my favourite destinations to enjoy a quiet dinner with friends and family. The restaurant is distinct with its splendid interior furnishing that could brighten up your spirits after a hectic day at work. The restaurant provides plenty of choices in its delectable menu which could make you perplexed about what to order for your meal. The menu includes all kinds of cuisines but is mostly famous for Japanese delicacies. The Roast Duck Bao and Chilli Basil Chicken fried rice are my favourite combination at the Fatty Bao. They also serve some exotic fusion drinks that make it a perfect choice for young hearts to quench their thirst while catching up with their friends.


Follow this guide to relish the best Japanese dishes in Mumbai that are not only appetising but also true to their taste.



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