Zakopane: Come For the Beauty, The Skiing, The Nightlife

Each year, over 200,000 people visit Zakopane. They come to absorb the beauty that is all around. They come here for the excellent skiing conditions. And they come here for the nightlife.

The Tatry Mountains are the main draw with their awesome beauty and the even more awesome skiing that is offered. But the nightlife is something that isn’t like any other vacation destination you may ever travel.

Many of the world’s beautiful skiing destinations do not have nightlife to offer. Once the sun goes down and the slopes become quiet and still, the day is done. But in Zakopane, the action doesn’t really take off until after the sun goes down.

Each of the Zakopane hotels is located in the same general area where the nightlife is happening making it easy to make the rounds and get a taste of all that Zakopane has to offer.

If your visit to Zakopane is for an extended time, the Apartamenty Grunwaldzka can offer you more than most of the other Zakopane hotels. They are at the center of Zakopane and just under 3,000 feet from Krupówki Promenade. You have the benefits of free Wi-Fi so you can work if needed but the mountain views will make work not be so bad.

From this accommodation, not only will you find that it is much like being at home only with a better view, but it is easy to find your way around the many different establishments where the nightlife is happening. Most of the city’s hotspots are on Krupowki Street like many of the Zakopane hotels.

You can find a place to relax, rest, and unwind just like many of the residents do after a day at work. Or you can find the nightlife with dancing and laugh all night long.

Or perhaps you’re coming to Zakopane for peace and quiet? Unlike many of the Zakopane hotels, the Api I Zakopane may be more to your taste. It is situated in a quiet, snow-covered area that is just under a mile from Nosal Ski Lift and a little over 1 mile to Wielka Krokiew, the best ski jumping hill in Zakopane.

You’ll have free Wi-Fi here as well so you can work in the evenings after a full day of skiing. You’ll have many amenities as you would at home like a flat-screen television. But to make it not like home, you’ll have a balcony with a view of the mountain range, which is one of the reasons that visitors travel here yearly.

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