Russia’s Best Ski Resorts

Go Off-Piste with Russia’s Hidden Gems and Discover all of what Russian ski resorts have to offer, for yourself. Russia has Europe’s tallest ski slope, the world’s largest snowy territory, and the longest ski season around. Welcome!

1) Prielbrusie

Ski Europe’s highest mountain – Mount Elbrus – in the Central Caucasus range on the continental divide.

Over 250,000 skiers each season enjoy runs from 1,000 to 1,500 meters long at an elevation of 3,500 meters.

2) Dombai

Seated high in the Teberdinsky Nature Preserve, Dombai boasts 20 kilometers of runs with backcountry forest trails and six different heli-ski routes.

3) Roza Khutor

Offers 38 kms of runs ranging from green to black in the northern slopes of the Aibga Ridge

Featuring the largest artificial snow system in Europe, snowmakers can stretch the ski season to 180 days a year on some slopes.

4) Baikalsk

Lake Baikal’s most famous (and popular) ski resort was only established in the 1990s.

Baikalsk is the destination for hardcore downhill slalom enthusiasts. Plus it’s right next to Lake Baikal.

5) Sheregesh

Locals have been skiing here since it opened in 1981 to host the Spartakiada Games (kind of like a Soviet Olympics).

Runs range from 700m to a staggering 3,900 meters long on the slopes of Mount Zelyonaya, so don’t forget to pack a sandwich.

6) Bobrovy Log

Situated in the surrounding mounts of Krasnoyarsk City, you could literally ski for lunch and be back at work before anyone notices you have been missing.

A great new ski resort with new fun park infrastructure for those who want more than skiing and snowboarding at its best

7) Belokurikha Resort

Come for the scenery, and stay for… more scenery.

While the resort only grooms three runs (between 1 and 3 kms long) the southern areas are framed by high granite cliffs and towering peaks covered in thick pine forests and carpets of rare wildflowers.

8) Mount Moroznaya

Slalom slopes begin steps from the apartment blocks in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, you can roll out of bed onto the slopes.

Six slalom ski runs between 850 and 2,050 meters long entice visitors as well as the natural hot springs of the Paratunka Spa

9) Krasnaya Sopka

A view of Kamchatka’s volcanoes from the southern slopes and steep gradients that athletes dream about make Krasnaya Sopka a perfect destination for both beginners and professionals.

10) Gorny Vozdukh

A great day trip destination. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk’s resort has nine runs (two yellow, five red, one green and one black), with a total length of 10 kms.

11) Gladenkaya

Relatively new, Gladenkaya is located in the beautiful Sayan Mountains.

Enjoy over 3,144 meters of runs with slopes ranging from 12 percent to 45 degree gradients (that’s super steep).

12) Azish-Tau Ski Resort

Ski till you drop with over 45 kms of runs at Azish-Tau. Placed in one of Russia’s most beautiful destinations – the Lago-Naki plateau – Azish-Tau is a natural retreat.

Runs of 1,500 meters start almost two kilometers above sea level offering stunning views of the surrounds.

The resort also features two bunny slopes and 24 runs from 600 meters to over 4 kms long for skiers of every level.

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