Spring Skiing Adventure Ideas

Spring is a time when many people start heading out to enjoy the warm weather. However, it is also a great time to enjoy a skiing adventure. Yes, spring can be a great time for skiing, especially since you won’t have as many people to contend with nor will you have high season prices. Here are some ideas for your spring skiing adventure:

Day Tripping

Spring is a great time for day tripping to the mountains for some skiing fun. If you are in Southern California, you can head to Big Bear Mountain and enjoy a few hours of skiing, and be back home by dark. Southern California ski resorts are great for spring skiing, since they supplement their snow with a healthy amount of man-made snow to stretch out the season. You will even be able to ski in shorts since the weather will likely be warm.

Adventure Skiing

Spring is also a great time to try out different types of skiing, like cross country skiing or heli-skiing. Heli-skiing is where you take a helicopter to a remote mountain location and they leave you off to ski down a mountain that has no lifts. This is recommended only for experienced skiers though.

Beginners Skiing

For beginners, spring is a great time to learn to ski or snowboard. Any good resort will provide lessons for beginning and intermediate skiers. Since spring is a slower time, you can enjoy slopes that are less crowded, so the pressure will be off beginners to show off their skills.

Exotic Ski Trips

If you really want a spring skiing adventure, why not mix in some famous sights along with your skiing? In resorts in France, Italy and Switzerland, you can get great deals on late season skiing. In France, you can enjoy scenic French mountain villages, with some of the best food in the world at your fingertips. In Italy, you can enjoy great skiing, and the beautiful Italian mountain ranges. In Switzerland, you can enjoy great skiing and great chocolate! What’s not to love?

More Winter Sports

In many mountain resorts, they will also offer great winter sports and activities, in addition to great skiing. Why not try snowshoeing, snowmobiling, sledding, even curling. Or just enjoy the great mountain resort scenery.

Bargains Galore

When you elect to ski in the springtime, you open yourself up to a world of ideas for adventures. Yet it can also affordable. Many resorts now offer affordable packages to attract spring skiers. These packages will often include airfare, as well as hotel and some amenities. Many will even include lift tickets with your package.

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