Why Visit Iceland in Winter?

One does not visit Equatorial Africa in summer or the Arctic regions in winter. Iceland is in the Arctic and winters can be unusually harsh and cold but there still is a charm to the various places that take on a different appearance and feel. One reason why many prefer to visit Iceland in winter is that hotel rooms are cheap and the place is not crowded. However, this is not the only reason. There are several other compelling reasons to tour the place in winter.

Breathtaking landscape

As it stands, tours in Iceland give you the benefit of magical, breathtaking landscapes comprises of mountains, volcanoes, sea, glaciers, caves, rock formations and forests. Visit in winter and you will find these transformed into glorious scenes. In addition, the days being shorter and the sun never really rising high, you will love to be out and about for the entire day and capture some stunning photographs. The light is enchantingly magical.

Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis never fails to impress but in Iceland and in winter it is even more so. Put on some woolens and then set out on a clear starry night and walk some way or drive into the countryside. Iceland’s night sky seems like there are perennial fireworks going on. It is magical.

Bathe in hot springs

Summers are linked with seashores and beaches and frolicking in the waves. In Iceland and in winter when planning a tour to Iceland one should include swim suits. Yes, there are hot springs in plenty littered around the countryside. Relaxing in warm water in winter is a heavenly feeling.

Why choose tours in Iceland in winter?

Iceland is less crowded. Things may be cheaper. You may pay less for hotel rooms. Your guide has to handle fewer people and he will be less harried so these are valid reasons why choose tours in Iceland in winter. However, it is the countryside that is more compelling. The countryside is covered in snow and you will feel it is a fairy tale atmosphere. Importantly, you can walk on glaciers, explore caves like the Crystal Caves and go on ice cave tours like Vatnajokull and Langjokull.

Celebrate Christmas in Reykjavik

Christmas and that took a white Christmas is a distinct reality when you are in Reykjavik in winter. You might even expect reindeer to turn up around the corner with Santa not far behind. Anyway, Reykjavik takes on a festive air and there are several open air music concerts not to speak of good food and dancing.

Then there are sights like the half frozen Gullifoss waterfall and watching the sun rise over snow covered mountains, bathing the landscape in shades of gold and crimson, are sights you get to see only in winter.

If tours in Iceland in winter conjure up freezing weather, you will find it is not so. Yes, ice and snow do cover the countryside but the weather is tolerable due to the warm Gulf Stream.

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